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About us


 In Massachusetts one in every eight children go to bed hungry every night. Many of our Senior Citizens routinely must choose between medicine and food.

 The Wales Community Pantry distributes approximately 900 pounds of food each week.  We deliver to the homebound elderly and disabled that are unable to come into the pantry.  We also provide extra food for those with children that are home from school due to holidays when they will not receive the breakfast and lunch provided by the schools.


Your monetary donation will allow us to purchase meat, poultry and fresh produce to the families we serve.




The HIP program has been funded again this year. If you use your EBT card at local farmers markets displaying the HIP logo you can spend up to $40.00 (1-2 people) $60.00 (3-5 people) $80.00(6+ people) on fresh fruits and vegetables and that amount will immediately be placed back on your EBT card to use again at your grocery store. 

This amounts to free fresh food for your family and supports our local farmers! If you need more information call Eva at the Brimfield Senior Center.

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